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Sights to see

Cyclists and Mountain Bikers

From "De Groote Waere" you can devise your own "Tour of Flanders". A network of cycling routes has been developed. They are interconnected by numbered junctions. It's very simple to use and it gives you all the possibilities to create your own 'Tour of Flanders' in whichever direction you want to go simply by knitting the numbers of the junctions together. Lots of these cycling routes are free of car traffic. You can get to the Belgian Coast (Nieuwpoort) or Ypres without having to worry about the dangers of car traffic! From Nieuwpoort there is a tramway that can bring you to all the seaside towns along the Belgian coast.

Landschap rondom De Groote Waere Landschap rondom De Groote Waere

Picturesque villages can also be discovered, (e.g.: Lo, Alveringem, Lampernisse,) and the beautiful scenery around Sint-Jacokskapelle en Nieuwkapelle is worth a detour!

A mountain bike tour (48 km) has been laid out nearby. You can start the tour on the farm. If you think it's too much of an effort to do, you can also rent an electric bike if you want to take it easy.

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