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Sights to see

Nature Lovers and Hikers

From the farm another road takes you straight to the path leading through the "Bethoosterse Broeken" (Brooks and meadows in the marshy valley of the Handzame Canal. The nature reserve "de Blankaart" is also only a few miles away. It's a real paradise for bird watchers and people who enjoy wildlife in and around a small lake.

The Käthe Kollwitz trail leads you to Diksmuide and the German Military Cemetery in Vladslo. Lampernisse (the Zannekin trail) and Stuivekenskerke with a nature reserve created from artificial lakes made from the clay extraction ( and tile production) industry, will most certainly appeal to people who like to observe birds and more specifically all types of duck, geese and small birds.

De Groote Waere De Groote Waere

The valley of the river Ysere is a European protected area for migrating birds. Guided tours, boat trips and various other activities are possible.

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