Renate Baert
Vladslostraat 21
B-8600 Diksmuide
Tel(+32) 0477-24 19 38
Fax(+32) 051-51 00 16



The four-starred Bed and Breakfast 'de Groote Waere' is situated at the rim of the valley of the Handzame Canal, with a scenery characterized by broad open views and an extremely flat landscape. Nearby you will notice a herd of grazing deer that belong to the farm.

The sight is unique: pastures, fields, canals, rows of hedges and trees inclining under the mild force of western winds blowing from the sea. It's quite an inviting view for a trip by bike or a long walk.

The picturesque square-shaped farm has recently been renovated to accommodate guests in luxurious suites. The farm is the ideal place to enjoy the lush nature of Flanders Fields…

Gastenkamers De Groote Waere